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News from Japan, re: Google Books

Glad I translated it word for word. In the process, I discovered I'd misinterpreted the entire article first time through.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the outcome is. Here's hoping that Google can successfully continue to expand its scanning and its digital library, since Japan (and the universities and other institutions within it, since of course Japan is not a single actor) seems extremely slow, if not outright resistant, to making documents available online. Accessing Japanese sources - even those in English, like Acta Asiatica - is a bitch and a half, given that none of them are included in JSTOR or other standard journal article databases, and since Japanese databases like CiNii are not included in our universities' subscriptions. And such. Right?

And, since the Asahi is bound to remove this article soon, without maintaining any online archive:

グーグル訴訟で新和解案 英米文化圏の作品に限定




A New Settlement Proposal in Google Lawsuit: Limited to Works in the Anglosphere

(New York) In a class action lawsuit surrounding "Google Books", a full-text search service for digitized books, Google, the American Publishing Association, and other concerned parties presented to the US District Court in New York a new proposal for a settlement on the 13th. The proposal centers on setting a limit [of what is covered by the lawsuit] to only those books registered with the US Copyright Bureau, or only those published in the UK, Canada, and Australia. Thus, it would seem that there would cease to be any effect upon Japan [of the outcome of the lawsuit].

Already, regardless of the intentions of the concerned party in presenting this proposal, in order to incorporate all the world's copyright holders, the governments of Japan and many countries in Europe have raised their voices in opposition.

On Privacy

In light of recent events at another university, I am taking proactive action that perhaps I should have taken long ago, and retroactively making all my entries Friends Only.

I *hate* that we should have to hide our social lives, our real personalities, our real selves, from prying eyes, but that's the world we live in.

There are those who like to pry, who like to overstep their boundaries, to assume that anything "public" and out there and available to them was intended for their eyes. There are those who lack the ethical and moral wherewithal to stop themselves from prying and from overstepping. And so the rest of us must be paranoid, and must hide behind a veneer of professionalism, as if those who pry do not themselves have lives beyond the office - hobbies, interests, friends, parties.

If you would like to view my entries, leave me a message here. If you're already my LJ Friend, you have nothing to worry about. No one is being cut. Or contact me through some other method - if I know you IRL, chances are you have some other method of contacting me.

And if you're with an HR dept or Admissions dept, are here to pry, and would like access, please give me your diary, your photo album, and a brief account of what you did the last three weekends.

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